looop-r is the second generation of a hardware-software hybrid interface for live visual expression. The objective of this project was to create an intuitive and responsive interface for live visual performances using off-the-shelf components and 'mis-used' technology.

GUI and physical controls are merged into one interface taking advantage of the best each has to offer and combine them using natural mappings and spatial organization.

Actions have direct access controls (with no intermediate menus!) and an appropriate gestures are allowed by matching their nature with the sensor's affordances and cosntraints.

While encompassing a huge range of control and possibilities of media manipulation the interface keeps its simplicity and can be quickly (and literally!) grasped.

looop-r platform is currently running two software versions : VJ and A+V (AudioVisual). A+V veresion includes all features plus a 4 step mini sequencer!


looop-r selected for ACE 2008 Creative Showcase sessions - Yokohama- Japan

rux is performing his dual-blur A/V live-act at MonkeyTown for the {R}ake A/Vnight - Brooklyn

dual-blur plaing at VIDEO AS AN INSTRUMENT II event. Other featured artists include legendary video-synth guru Bill Etra, Lo-Vid, ChiKA and Luke Dubois - Brooklyn

dual-blur will be using looop-r to mash/remix/destroy and recreate select brooklyn's media at vBrooklyn Festival

dual-blur will be performing at Tranzducer.011, an impressive gathering of DIY sound-visual artists hosted by Eric Singer and Jamie Allen at LemurPlex

dual-blur is back in NYC and will be performing at Monkey Town on another exciting EyeWash event!

dual-blur performing twice in Lisboa - Abertura event curated by Rogue Waves and Visual Agency + Dezkalabro vs. Tourture noise and breakcore gathering promoted by ShowSkills

Looop-r will be demo'ed at NIME'07 conferences - NYC
Multi-projection system sponsored by .

Rux will do an Audio-Video live performance using Looop-r as featured set at Share - NYC

Looop-r at the ITP Spring Show'07

Audio Art class presentation - ITP

Live Image Processing and Performance presentation - ITP

Looop-r is released (?) ---- finally!


The previous model Loop-R is still very active and if you haven't you can still watch its video demo!

looop-r's A+V version is currently being used as a tool at dual-blur's AudioVisual performances

looop-r is a project imagined, built, soldered and coded by rux - www.rux-werx-here.net

for more info please contact :: rux (at) looop-r (dot) net